Traffic Congestion

Traffic on East Dewey and Main street is unbearable during rush hour, and the eighteen-wheel tractor-trailers going to-and-from I-80 put a lot of wear and tear on Wharton's roads. Let's solve this problem and build the Dewey Avenue bypass road. This will ease congestion and reduce the wear and tear on our local roads.

Cleanup EPA Superfund Site

Did you know that fourteen and a half acres of Wharton are home to an active EPA designated superfund site? It’s called the Dayco Corp/ L.E Carpenter Company Superfund Site, EPA case number is NJD002168748. It’s located on a parcel of land that starts across the street from Hot Rods and ends just behind the Shop-Rite. It’s been known since 1980. However, the only actions that have occurred since then are assessments and feasibility studies. Let’s stop dithering and push the Federal Government to clean up this site.

Saturday Library Hours

The Wharton Library ends its Saturday Hours before the Memorial Day weekend. Even though our schools are open through the third week of June, our students are unable to use the Library for study and school projects on the last four Saturdays of the school year. We should fund additional Saturday hours at the end of the school year for the Wharton Library.

School Resources and Funding

We should take advantage of funds provided under Title I and Title III of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, or the ESEA. These programs will ensure our schools have the resources and equipment needed to help teach our children.

Fight the Opiod Epidemic

The ongoing opiod epidemic is one of the largest contributors to crime in Morris County. Lets fight this epidemic by:
1. Allocating more resources towards drug education in our schools.
2. Offering more after school programs for our students.

Main Street Public WiFi

It's becoming harder and harder to be a productive member of society if you don't have access to the internet. This is especially true for children. Many municipalities now provide free wireless access. We can find a low cost solution that will ensure every Wharton resident can access the internet and take advantage of online education, banking and resources. I would like to extend wireless access to Main Street, the parks, and lower income neighborhoods.

Pay Borough Bills Online

Wharton residents should be able to pay all their municipal bills online. Today, it's easier than ever to partner with online service providers, such as a bill payment vendor, than ever before. As a member of the council and an Information Technology professional of more than two decades, one of my first priorities would be to submit a resolution to find a reputable and affordable online payment service. The borough council and the residents of Wharton would be able to reduce the cost of processing, printing and postage.